PE-Classroom Rules/Guidelines


    Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District

    Physical Education Program



    **Texas requires you to have 1 credits of Physical Education to graduate.




                As Physical Educators in the SCUCISD, it is our belief that personal fitness courses in high school education should prepare students to develop, experience, and adopt the behaviors they will need for a lifetime of healthy, active living.

                Strong and consistent research shows that low level of physical activity in adults is associated with increasing risk for chronic diseases and premature death.  The promotion of physical activity in children and adolescents is based on the belief that active adolescents will most likely become active adults. U. S. Surgeon Generals’ Office released official statements encouraging all Americans to adopt active lifestyles as a primary health care prevention.

                Our Physical Education courses will provide opportunities for the student to learn about personal fitness, successfully experience personal fitness, assess their own changes in personal fitness, and at the same time enjoy the process.

                            Other courses in the curriculum, Physical Education 2, 3, & 4, will support the concepts presented in the personal fitness course. This will allow students to experience a variety of lifetime activity options.  (Ex. Individual sports, team sports and intramurals)   These courses may also include written and physical evaluations.  (Fitness Gram test)



    Evaluation and Grading System:


    P.E. 2, 3, & 4:


    1. Active Participation (dress-out properly, participate everyday)
    2. Fitness Gram Test/Physical Fitness Test during each unit.                                         


                Daily Grade:      5 days a week x 20pts a day= 100

                                           4 days a week x 25 pts a day =100

                                             3 days a week x 33.33 pts a day =100

                                           2 days a week x 50 pts a day =100

                                             1 day a week x100 pts a day =100


                **Students receive a weekly grade.



    **High School:  A final exam will be given each eighteen weeks.  Your final examination grade will make up at least 20% of your eighteen weeks grade.  All students are required to take a Foundations/Physical Education Final.  There are NO exemptions for finals.



    **Fitness Gram is given to every student receiving a PE credit.



     Daily preparation for class



    1. All students must dress-out everyday without exception! If a student does not feel well, or has a minor injury, he/she must first dress -out and then may make a request for limited participation from the instructor.  The instructor may grant or deny this request based on his/her best judgment. 


    1. Students who do not dress-out will not be allowed to participate and will receive a deduction from their participation grade. You are required to bring paper and pen to do sport folios.


    1. **Parents may write an excuse for a student from participating on a day to day basis. Please add parents contact information on note. Only a written excuse from a doctor stating the nature of the disability and the duration of student will be excusable grounds for not dressing-out or participating for more than three days.  Expect to have paper and pencil to do sport folios.  (Articles with a test)


    **This is limited circumstances only.




    1. All students are to purchase a P.E. uniform.  This promotes a unified program, school loyalty, and safety.  These may be purchased in, The instructor will distribute once bought. (T-shirt-$15.00// shorts-$15.00 total $30.00) 


    1. The student’s name must be displayed on all P.E. clothing and towels.


    1. Students are to supply their own socks and suitable gym shoes.


    1. Uniforms will be taken home every Friday and be cleaned for Monday.


    1. Students may purchase their own sweats.  Recommended color of sweats should consist of grey, white, or black.





    1. Every student will be issued a locker for the safe keeping of his/her P.E. items. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure his/her items are placed in the locker and lockedDo not share your combinations.  The instructor can not be responsible for any items left out.


    1. Students are not to leave purses, wallets, bags, jewelry, clothing or valuables inside of unattended dressing area at anytime.


    1. Jewelry is not to be worn during class. This is a safety precaution.  Secure valuables in lockers prior to the start of the class activity.  The student is responsible for keeping all valuables locked up.  If a theft should occur, it must be reported immediately (Bring pouch or zip lock bag to put valuables in) 






    1. Students must be in the locker room before the tardy bell rings and be ready for roll check 5 minutes after the bell rings. Students will be in squad lines in the gym.


    1. If a student comes into the locker room after the tardy bell or is late for roll check, he/she is marked tardy. Tardies are dealt with according to school policy.


    1. Students will have adequate time after each class to shower and put their clothes away. (This is recommended)


    1. After the student has dressed and placed his/her P.E. clothes back in the locker, he/she is required to stay in the locker-room until the bell rings for the next period class.


    1. NO HORSE PLAY will be allowed in the dressing room, gym or outside activity areas anytime.


    1. All students are responsible for keeping the dressing room areas clean and orderly at all times.


    1. Students are responsible for taking care of all P.E. equipment in use.


    Classroom Rules


    1. Be respectful at all times.


    1. Be in assigned area before tardy bell.


    1. Hands Off policy. (Do not touch other students)


    1. Active participation.


    1. Eating food, chewing gum and drinking soda is prohibited in class and locker-room.


    1. Inappropriate language and behavior will not be tolerated.


    1. PE uniforms are required for class.


    1. Hair will be pulled back.


    Consequences and or Physical Training


    1. Warning


    1. Call parents/detention


    1. Call parents/two detention


    1. Referral to appropriate Administrator