Welcome to the SCUCISD History Project.   The goal of the SCUC ISD History Project is to preserve and share the heritage of our schools and community.  Your vintage photographs & memorabilia could help us relate the history of the District; and the accomplishments of our students, educators and civic leaders.  Individuals who wish to contribute valuable historic information, vintage photos, artifacts, memorabilia or suggestions are asked to help.  

As schools go, so goes the community - The history of an area's schools reflects the history of the community. The progress of organized education in the community directly reflects the prosperity, lifestyle, character and social attitudes of the population. It is generally recognized that in the course of the routine administration of school district business, certain information relates to historic matters.

In 2004, the Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City I.S.D. introduced the SCUCISD History Project.  At the outset, the District received gifts from nearly a dozen individuals. And, in the routine performance of school district business, administrators and support staff alert History Project personnel to documents they identify as historically relevant.  Now, Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City I.S.D. is happy to report that the District has a growing collection of historic records and memorabilia.

The historic documents we've identified date from 1887 through modern day. Yes, modern day.  What we do today becomes history tomorrow. Next year, you will remember significant events that occur this year; but, in 20 years will we be able to explain what led to the events or our reactions to them. History (at the community level) formed the foundation that our generation builds on. Our children and generations to come will grow and raise their families in a community that rests on what we've done with the foundation we inherited. Will future generations be cogniscent of the factors that influence our deeds?

The history project staff hopes that the material preserved and displayed as part of the SCUCISD History Project will make us wise to the events that shaped the community we live in.  By studying and understanding our history, we gain respect for the civic process and appreciation for the impact our decisions will have on the world we give our children.  By the same token, we hope that generations to come will find value in community involvement and recognize the importance of making a difference at the local level - affecting the course, rather than simply following the terrain.

Please enjoy the material presented on the History Project pages and check back on occasion to see "what's new in history".

The material on the SCUCISD History Project pages has no commercial purpose. They are provided for the visitor's entertainment.