Extra Credit

  • Extra Credit:

    Extra credit is designed to help students with their test taking skills.  It would be to the student's advantage to take the extra credit quiz at least two days before the test so that he/she can see the areas he/she is the weakest and needs to spend more time studying or receive a tutorial.

    Extra credit is comprised of the reading material that helps explain the unit's concepts in an alternate manner.  Students may take a practice quiz using the reading passages to check their answers. 

    Then, to receive the extra credit, students must schedule a time with the teacher PRIOR TO THE UNIT EXAM to complete the extra credit quiz.  The number of extra credit points will equal the number of correct answers.  Extra credit is applied to a students overall formative grade.

    Extra credit must be completed before the student takes the unit test.


    These extra credit assignments are also used to complete the re-test assignment that the student must obtain from the teacher.  The re-test assignment must be completed PRIOR to a student taking the re-test for a failed exam.


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