Class Rules & Expectations





    Be Prompt

                Be on time.  Enter the classroom quietly, turn in any work due, and check the board for the journal entry or instructions.  When the bell rings at the start of class, be in your assigned seat, have necessary materials and be quietly working.


    Be Prepared

                Bring all materials and necessary work every day.  Turn off and store out of sight any electronic devises that are not being uses for class.  Come to class properly dressed every day.


    Be Productive

                MAXIMIZE learning time by staying focused, on task, following directions, and remaining seated unless you’ve been given permission to get up.  All trash is to be held until the end of the class and thrown away on your way out of the classroom.


    Be Polite

                Be nice or neutral to everyone.  No calling out, or off task talking.  Swearing, teasing, talking back, and bullying will NOT be tolerated!  Respect yourself, your classmates, your teacher, and your classroom.  Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.  If you don’t own it, don’t write on it, draw on it, carve on it, or damage it in any way.


    Be Patient

                Wait respectfully and calmly for your turn, do not lay your head down or complain.  Listen, remain quiet, stay seated and track the teacher when instruction is being given.  Do not pack up early, wait to be dismissed by the teacher.


    Also, absolutely NO Eating, Gum Chewing, or Drinking in the classroom.

    ***Exception: Water in a Clear Plastic Container with a screw-on cap or lockable lid.