Computer Science I & II

  • Computer Science I & II will foster students' creativity and innovation by presenting opportunities to design, implement, and present meaningful programs through a variety of media. Students will collaborate with one another, their instructor, and various electronic communities to solve the problems presented throughout the course. Through data analysis, students will identify task requirements, plan search strategies, and use computer science concepts to access, analyze, and evaluate information needed to solve problems. By using computer science knowledge and skills that support the work of individuals and groups in solving problems, students will select the technology appropriate for the task, synthesize knowledge, create solutions, and evaluate the results. Students will learn digital citizenship by researching current laws and regulations and by practicing integrity and respect. Students will gain an understanding of the principles of computer science through the study of technology operations, systems, and concepts.


    Usefull Links: 

    Google Classroom: (Where the details and assignments are)


    Edhesive Online Learning Program


    JDoodle Online Python 3 IDE

  Online Python 3 IDE

  Online Python (with Turtle) IDE

  Online Python (with Pygame) IDE


    Earsketch Programming


    OpenProcessing Online IDE
    Processing Downloadable IDE