Continuous Classroom Improvement

  • A Continuous Classroom Improvement School

    Our Mission: The Green Valley Elementary community provides a safe learning environment that empowers learners to strive for excellence in academics and character.

    Our Green Valley Math Goal: 100% of all Green Valley students will meet or exceed the district and or state expectations.

    Our Green Valley Reading Goal:  100% of all Green Valley students will meet or exceed the district and or state expectations.


    CCI is a vehicle utilized to increase student engagement and student achievement.

    What is CCI? CCI (Continuous Classroom Improvement) is a continuous process that helps students give input into what works and what needs to be improved on a weekly basis. Teachers and students chart the results of their work and it is displayed in the classroom. Teachers and students work together to monitor progress toward class and course goals. During the week, students and teachers will make a plan, do the plan, study how they did during the week and then decide on what actions they will take the next week to do even better.

    What might you see in your child’s classroom?

    In a CCI classroom you will see:

    A classroom mission statement

    Norms for behavior and expectations

    Goals and measures aligned to learning standards

    A chart indicating class progress

    Plan, Do, Study, Act board which includes a targeted objective for the subject

    A graph of learning results

    A plus/delta of previous learning (what’s working and ideas for improvement)

    Plan for the week (what the students will do and what the teacher will do)

    Individual Data Folders

    What are Data Folders?

    This is an extension to the Continuous Classroom Improvement (CCI) process in which students keep personal data folders. Student data folders provide a way for students, teachers, and parents to keep track of student performance. Students take ownership and responsibility for their learning by setting individual goals and then track their own performance to determine progress.

    How can parents and families support the improvement process?

    Discuss with your child the weekly goal his or her class has set.

    Ask your child what he or she is learning and how he or she learns best.

    Celebrate with your child not only when goals are met, but when pro-gress is made.

    Provide feedback to your child’s teacher on your child’s learning process.

    Ask questions to learn more about the process.

    Volunteer to help at school to support learning activities.

    CCI engages all students in the learning process to increase student achievement!

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