Honors English 2


    Welcome to Honors English 2 !

    Honors English is a rigorous course that focuses on the writing, reading, and analytical skills needed for the AP language and literature courses. It involves significantly more reading, writing, and potential homework than the regular English II classes. The goal is to successfully prepare students to tackle college level courses at the junior and senior level and pass the AP language and literature examinations to gain college credit. It is the AP philosophy and mine that all students who wish to take an Honors  or AP course should be encouraged to do so, but it is important to recognize that it will be a challenging class and intrinsic motivation is essential. Students are expected to be responsible for their behavior, assignments, and any conflict resolution. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to conference with me, but students are expected to use this opportunity to develop independence.


    Assignments, course materials, and resources can be found under the appropriate tabs on the left of the homepage and/or Google Classroom.




    Annotating Help:

    Pink -- Diction - why did the author use this particular word instead of another; what stands out about it... etc.

    Yellow -- 1st four words of every sentence; look at variety

    Green -- Narrative/Rhetorical Devices

    Blue -- Bracket off sections - discuss tone - find a tone word from the list and be ready to defend it.

    Think of annotating this way: Make notes on your annotations for your defense - so if I ask you why you highlighted a specific thing - your answer is right there!


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