Green Valley Attendance


    Official Attendance Time is 9:35 a.m.

    (1:00pm for afternoon PK classes)

      **Remember to send in an excuse note anytime your child is absent.** Calling in a student absent does not excuse the absence--only a written parent note, doctor's note or an e-mail from a parent/guardian will excuse the absence. If the student spends some part of the day in school and he/she is out for a medical/dental appointment, a note from the care provider is required to excuse the absence. 


    Notes may be delivered to the front desk, sent in with your child, faxed to 210-619-4463 or emailed to 

     Please visit this link to complete the online attendance form 

    Green Valley Absence Form


    • 3 unexcused absences within a 6-week period will result in a Truancy Warning Letter. Further unexcused absences will most likely result in court fines.
    • A student is allowed 9 absences per semester (18 per school year) in order to meet the Compulsory Attendance Law's 10% rule. Absences over these amounts may result in loss of credit and/or grade retention.
    • The tardy bell rings at 7:30 am. Students will be counted tardy if they are not in their seats by 7:30 am. Only a note from a physician can excuse a tardy.
    • What is considered an excused absence?  

      SCUC ISD accepts the following as extenuating circumstances for the purpose of granting credit for a class: 

      1. An excused absence based on students personal illness. 
      2. Death in the family. 
      3. Documented health-care appointments, including absences for recognized services for students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  
      4. Activities related to obtaining U.S. Citizenship 
      5. Religious Holy Days. 
      6. Required court appearances.  


      What is Considered an Unexcused Absence? 

      When a student is absent from school, with or without the knowledge and documentation of their parent/guardian for any reason other than those prior listed, it is an unexcused absence. The following is a list of things that would be considered unexcused in the case of a tardy or absence (This list is not exhaustive): 

      1. Over sleeping 
      2. Missed bus 
      3. Car trouble 
      4. Trips with parents 
      5. Baby-sitting 
      6. Extended Vacations 
      7. Out of Town 


      Please be advised that absences will be updated within 5 days of receiving the note. 


    Our weekly attendance goal is 97%