Classroom Policies and Procedures

  • Parents/Guardians,

    I have had all of my courses set up for in-person and/or remote learning for the past few years because I am focused on helping your students become college, career, and/or military ready.  Our classes are currently set up in Google Classroom and will transition to the new learning management system (LMS) once the district gets everything in place.

    Please do not worry -- we will walk you through it!  Just know your kids are already technology savvy and will rock this new normal that we are in for 2020-21!

    My classroom policies and procedures will be available with the class syllabus that will be posted on Google Classroom.

    Since we are a Career and Technology Education Department, we have developed processes through our learning to prepare your student for the real world.  In essence, your student will be a vital part of his/her education "corporation". 

    We will model workplace behaviors through their learning and your student is the star employee!  Your student will be expected to be: professional, courteous, motivated, able to embrace differences, help others, communicate in writing or verbally, and all of the other skills necessary in a job.  If your student is not there yet, it will be okay--that is what we are here for--to help train and get them ready to take on the world after high school!

    I encourage your student to come to me when there are obstacles and we will work solutions.  I am very passionate about creating a safe environment for your student to flourish and grow to his/her capacity.

    Students, email is the fastest way to reach me but we will provide access to a messaging app that is available between 8am and 5pm CST.  Parents, please allow 24-48 hours for a reply unless it is an emergency.

    Thank you and we look forward to a great year into the unknown!

    Mrs. Fannin


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