• Welcome to Pathophysiology!

    Pathophysiology is the study of how disease processes affect the structure & function of the human body.

    Welcome to the Pathophysiology Page.  Here are some documents & links that will be helpful to you throughout the school year.  This is a tough class but you are capable of succeeding in it.  

    You are more than welcome to look ahead at Unit information.   HOWEVER:  Do NOT print out information from a Unit until we get to it. I do revisions periodically & want you to have the most current version of documents, etc.  It will say "Updated for 2018-2019" when I am finished with revisions.

    Notebook Order is subject to slight changes throughout the school year.  This page will be updated as that happens.  No need to label your tabs ahead of time!

    Semester Notebook Order - Please organize your notebook into the following sections as we cover each unit.  Make sure that all papers, notes, diagrams, etc. are filed into the correct unit section.  Bring your notebook to class daily.

    Semester ONE Notebook Order

    1 - Introduction to Pathophysiology

    2 - Fluid, Electrolyte, and Acid-Base Balance 

    3 - Introduction to Basic Pharmacology & other Therapies

    4 - Pain

    5 - Inflammation & Healing

    6 - Infection

    7 - Immunity


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