Classroom Guidelines - Rules, Consequences & Procedure


     Classroom Guidelines:

    1. Be on time.
    2. Remain quiet when teacher speaks.
    3. Bring materials to class. If additional material is required, the teacher will advise.
    4. No electronic devices, no gum, food or drinks are allowed in the classroom.
    5. Remain seated  at all times, unless the teacher instructs otherwise.
    6. Raise your hand to speak. Be respectful and courteous.
    7. Teacher will dismiss class.
    8. Obey all school rules.

    Classroom Procedures:

    1. Sharpen your pencil before class starts.
    2. Sit in your assigned seat.
    3. Take out textbook & workbook.
    4. Take out paper & pen or pencil
    5. Start on Warm-up
    6. Be ready to review work & start class


        **Communication with the teacher is always welcomed.**