Ready Set Teach



    Here is my Google Classroom account for this class

    p3ypo6u- RST 1 & 2 ( I will let you know if I post something in the other google classroom.  We may end up going  to only one google classroom.)

    c2owp2f- RST 2 



    All work will be on Google Classroom!!

    I will be available for zoom every M/W/F 9-10am (code 795-749-480 ) and 1-2pm (code 586-501-185), as well as T/TH 10-11am (Code 915-470-089) and 2-3 pm (code 557-919-8330)



    Instructional Practices in Education and Training

    Ready Set Teach!

    This course is a field-base internship for students that would like to become future educators after high school. Throughout the year the students will travel to surrounding elementary schools in the district and work under a mentor teacher, so they will see some of the daily tasks of educators. The students will learn and how to plan individualized instruction for any particular grade level, prepare group activities and instructional materials, help their mentor teacher with record keeping and discipline duties while they are on campus.

    Please Check gradespeed for missing or incomplete work!

    Supplies needed for RST-

    1 inch binder and 5 dividers- you will need these supplies for the end of the year project. This will be used at the end of the year.

    I have attached the Ready, Set, Teach Handbook for this year with  rules, procedures and policies for the class which is due the Friday of the first week of school.





    Students are encouraged to JOIN FCCLA!!! 



    *This could change without notice

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