Child Development

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    This technical laboratory course addresses knowledge and skills related to child growth and development from prenatal through school-age children, equipping students with child development skills.  Students use these skills to promote the well-being and healthy development of children and investigate careers related to the care and education of children.  Students are encouraged to participate in extended learning experiences such as career and technical student organizations and other leadership or extracurricular organizations.

    I will be posting assignments and other helpful links on the webpage so please check back frequently.
     I have attached the syllabus below.

    Students will be able to:
    1. analyzes roles and responsibilities of parenting
    2. investigates components of optimal prenatal care and development
    3. understand the development of infants
    4. understand the development of toddlers
    5. understand the development of preschool children
    6. understand the development of school-age children

    Students are encouraged to JOIN FCCLA!
    At the end of the semester students will also need to provide one empty 2 liter plastic bottle with lid, 4” Styrofoam ball, 2 pairs of panty hose.   Optional items are an outfit for the baby and/or a blanket.  

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