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    What is FCCLA?

    FCCLA stands for Family Career Community Leaders of America!  I am encouraging all of my students to join! 

    FCCLA is a great leadership organization and looks great on college application.  In the past it has awarded some scholarship to students who placed at regional, state and nationals.

    Click here for the Texas FCCLA. 


    FCCLA is the organization for the Family and Consumer Science classes. If you have previously taken an FCS class or enrolled you are able to join FCCLA!

    FCS courses that we offer:


    • Career Portals (if you have taken at Dobie)
    • Child Developement
    • Lifetime Nutrition and Wellness
    • PALS
    • RST
    • Culinary Arts
    • Fashion Design
    • Hospitality and Tourism



    July- Nationals in Washington DC  



    Want to be a Steele FCCLA officer?   Stop by Mahoney's, Albert's or Windham's room and pick up a packet. 

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