British Literature Dual Credit

  • In this course we will chronologically move through the British Literature canon, highlighting the significance of these pieces.  The literature will cover fiction and non-fiction and will range from poetry to novels. The expectation is that you will read along in class and engage in class discussion, and you will read on your own, highlighting and annotating when necessary.  You are also expected to do your best.  I cannot ask much more than that.  What's amazing about this class is that we can take really old literature and connect it to current events!


    This is a literature-based course, and you will be required to do a significant amount of writing.  

    Not all writing will be in the form of a major grade.  Some of the writing will be process pieces, 

    where HOW we got there will be just as important as the end result.


    I will periodically update this page with necessary attachments and links.