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 What makes Honors different than on-level English?

1. DEPTH. RIGOR. EXPECTATIONS.   Advanced written and oral work through College Board's Springboard curriculum.

2. Expectation of the ability to work individually as well as with a partner and in groups.

3. Ability to prioritize your time to complete all the work necessary and on time (penalty for any late work and no late work accepted after 5 days. Period.)

4. Independent reading each nine weeks outside of class.

5. Extensive project(s).

6. Writing, writing, writing!

7. Advanced QPA's and other assessments

8. Independent practice on skills as required. 

9. High use of technology.


Supplies for 23-24

Pens blue or black

Paper- college ruled

A positive attitude

A willingness to put in the time and effort needed to be successful in THIS fast paced advanced course

An understanding that no late work will be accepted after 3 days. 

A willingness to listen (as opposed to just hear) to instruction, to others opinions and ideas, and to your own conscience.

2023-24 Schedule    G 226

Period 1: Conference

Period 2: Hon Eng. 1

Period 3: Honors Eng. 2

Period 4: Honors Eng. 2

Period 5: Lunch

Period 6: Hon. Eng. 2

Period 7: GT Coordinator Conference and Knight Time (M-W)

Period 8: Hon. Eng. 2



Degrees and Certifications:

BA in English MA in Education Certifications: English/English Language Arts History Social Studies Composite Speech Communication/Professional Communication Gifted & Talented Supplemental ESL Supplemental

Mrs. Susan M Shires

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