Honors English 1


    Students should already be active in the Ascender STUDENT Portal, No Red Ink, and  turnitin.com.  If there are any issues, please contact Mrs. Shires.


    Major texts in Honors English 1: Anthem                        Animal Farm                       Fahrenheit 451     

                                                       Romeo & Juliet            Just Mercy (YA version)      To Kill a Mockingbird

                                                       + outside reading


    It is important that all work is completed ON TIME and in PEN (Blue or black). Late work results in point deductions for each day work is late. NO WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 3 DAYS.

    As high school students, I encourage students to advocate for themselves: ask questions, ask for clarity, share ideas, etc.

    Although I provide time in class for students to work, sometimes work will need to be completed at home.   Students will be expected to read outside of class each nine weeks and complete a final product.




    English I TEKS 2020 NEW  




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