Honors English 1




    In our tech-based world, and with students increased use of tech, most news about Honors English 1

    is shared with students via REMIND or GOOGLE CLASSROOM.


    Please make sure that students have the password to check their grades on TXConnect




    online textbook:
    Honors English I:
    By electing to be a part of the Honors program you are letting me know that you have a high level of ability and an interest in reading and writing. The expectations of the quality of your work will be high and you will find some of what we do to be rigorous. 
    Remember, we never grow unless we are challenged!
    Think back...could you tie your shoe the first time you tried? Could you ride a bike without training wheels the first time you tried?  If you are in band, did you know how to play your instrument right away?  If you are in sports, were you the star athlete immediately?

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