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    Outside Reading



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    NOTE: YA Literature often includes mature subject matter. The title chosen should be approved by a parent based on the appropriateness and student maturity. The list and complete classroom library includes a range of literary topics and voice in hopes of offering  choice and an enjoyable, educational reading experience for all. 


    Honors English 1

    Students will have free choice for the first outside reading of the year.

    Weekly checks will be part of their assignments

    A character post mortem may be the final assessment.  Expectations will be provided to students in September.




    Honors English 2  Semester 1:

    Students will have free choice of a book to read from Aug. - Nov. 2021.

    A final project is the only requirement for this particular book.  The project is a small display board (available at Walmart for about $2 and the Dollar Store for $1).

    Students will be given a rubric for the specifications of the project.  Once completed, the projects will be displayed throughout campus as a way to share "Great Reads" with the student body.


    Semester 2:

    Students will read Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson. Dec. 2021- Feb. 2022 {in conjunction with our semester study of justice and the reading of To Kill a Mockingbird as a class}



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