Prompts & Writing Activities

  • 1.  Underline every other sentence.

    2. Highlight the first word of each sentence in yellow.

    3. Box 3 nouns  & 3 adjectives you can improve on.  Don't have that many in your writing? What does that tell you?

    4. You have a list of dead words in your journal. Go through your essay to make sure you have not used any. Circle the ones you do have to change later.

    5. HIGHLIGHT your thesis statement in pink.

    6. Give your essay to 2 other people in your group to read.  They need to complete a 2 stars and a  wish sheet for you. These must be stapled to your essay.

    7.  Look for repetition of words or ideas.  Eliminate these if unnecessary.  


    The definition essay paperwork is in a file below.

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