Greek Roots


    Greek roots Zone Work


    The Roots of Language:  Zone Work



    Every week you will research and study eight (8) roots.

    Final DUE DATES are listed below for each week.

    For each root, you will need to create an index card as follows:









    Two (2) words that use the root,

     with their definition



                  Draw  a picture or symbol of the ROOT

                  that may be helpful to you




    Week 1

    Aug. 26- 30

      Acro      Ambi       Anthro(p)     Aqua      Astro       Belli    Bio   Cide


    Week 2

    Sept. 2-6

     Circum     Contra     Dem     Dic/Dict     Fac/Fic     Graph    Hydr     Hypo


    Week 3

    Sept. 9-13

    Inter     Intra/intr      Jur     Liber    Mater    Medi     Mono    Mor/mort


    Week 4

    Sept. 16-20

    Neo      Nom      Ob       Omni      Ped/pod       Peri       Phob       Pseudo


    Week 5

    Sept.23- 27

    Retro     Rid/ris     Sacr/sanct     Scrib     Sub     Tact/tang     Therm    Vol

    Oct. 2



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