Gifted and Talented

  •  GT Parent Orientation Video from the District (English)



    The G/T referral window is now open for the 21-22 school year! The G/T program in SCUCISD identifies students with high academic potential, gifts, and talents and provides them challenging academic experiences, rigorous career and college preparation, and acceleration opportunities while nurturing healthy social and emotional development. 

    Please click on the link to complete the form if you would like your student considered for G/T services. 


    21-22 G/T Referral Link English


    21-22 G/T Referral Link Spanish


    Staying in for the summer?  Why not try some virtual tours of the world.  See the links below to tour over 60 locations worldwide, including museums, zoos, and national parks. 

    Tour the World- 60 locations

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    Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

    Thinking College? Take a Tour of the Campus...

    More places to see !



    2021-22 GT Meetings:

           ****Meetings will be held during KNIGHT TIME every Tuesday****

    G226 will also be available for GT students every Thursday, during Knight Time, to come in to work, read, play games, plan activities, etc. 

    I hope there will be special speakers and events throughout the year, during Knight Time, for GT students.  They will be announced during 2nd period announcements and displayed on the GT bulletin board outside of G226. 



    Testing will take place in September 2021.  Nominations will be due no later than Sept. 17. A Google form will be linked on this page for parents and teachers to make their nominations.