Write On! Literary anthology


    If you are a writer- poetry, short stories, essays- or artist consider submitting your work to be included in Steele's

    Write On! An Anthology of Creativity.



    How to submit work to the anthology:



    1. Send any typed poem, short story, or essay to sshires@scuc.txed.net 

    2. Please check spelling and grammar.  All entries will be used as is

    3. Documents should be  a Google Doc and contain your name and grade level as part of the DOC title

    4.  In the 'Subject" line of the email, please write 'Anthology Submission 2022'



    1. If you are submitting artwork, it needs to be black and white.   It can be no larger than 8.5" x 11"

    2. Artwork can also be submitted digitally as a .jpeg or .pdf. 

    3. Do not out your name and grade on the front of the piece.  Put it in the email, please.

    4. If you will be coming to G226 to hand me a piece of artwork, please make sure you have followed the guidelines and that your name and

        grade level are clearly written on the back of the piece.

    5. Remember that it may be bound in a book, so please consider the left margin as it may be blocked due to binding.


    NOTE:  You will need to tell me in the email, or on the back of the artwork, if you would like a paper copy of the anthology, should your submission be  accepted for use.


    Remember that work cannot contain threats of any kind or be hateful in any way.  Our focus is the positive- the gifts you have as writers and artists and the message you project. 



    All submissions are due to Mrs. Shires in G226 no later than March 3, 2022.  
    If you have questions, please see Mrs. Shires.
    The Anthology is published on this site and students whose submissions are in the anthology will receive a paper copy if desired.

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