Honors Art 2 Drawing 1


    Honors Art 2 Drawing 1 is an advanced class that focuses on improving drawing and painting skills throughout the school year. The basic vocabulary of the Elements and Principles of design are expanded on in much greater depth and concept in the projects. Students are challenged to take risks in their approach to Art so they continue to improve instead of just staying at the same, safe level. I expect a lot from students willing to take on the challenge of PreAP, and usually they go far beyond my expectations.

    To sign up for Remind: Text 81010 and the message: @stadpreap2

    Supplies! Make sure you label everything. We will be using sketchbooks very soon so get one if you haven't done so. Remember, don't waste your parents' money, so use what you have at home first before you go out and buy everything new. If you already have a sketchbook you can continue using the same one. 

  • Sign up for google classroom for Honors Art 2 with the following class code: