AP Studio Art


     Our submission date is Friday, May 8, 2020. Studio Art is the only AP test that is completed throughout the year instead of taking a test at the end of the year. Before this date students must have completed 15 artworks exploring a sustained investigation.  As a class we will be exploring what a sustained investigation is and how to achieve the best possible results. THIS WILL NOT BE EASY BECAUSE THIS IS COLLEGE LEVEL WORK. Remember, AP means that you are trying to earn college credit for your portfolio so you don't have to take the course in college. Even if you don't go to college you will have a strong portfolio to use to obtain jobs IF you work hard and don't give up. I will encourage you every step of the way but ultimately you are the one who creates the work. You will be doing some work at home because it is hard to get it all done in class. All of the artworks must be photographed and uploaded to the individual student's digital submission page for grading by May 8. 5 of the 15 works will be chosen by the student as QUALITY pieces and will be physically mailed to be graded in person as part of their overall score by May 8.

    To sign up for Remind: Text 81010 and the message @stadtapart




    You need to set up your AP Studio Art Digital Submission page so that we can begin downloading your images and your written responses for the test on May 8, 2020. Please follow the instructions below especially when setting up your user name and password. I need access to your webpage so that I can help you download everything. The user name and password is ONLY for your digital submission page and not linked to all of your other AP central pages and registration information. 

    Go to: https://apstudio.ets.org/apstudioart

    click on "set up access"

    Click on "student"

    Fill in information as follows:

    user name: firstnamelastname with no spaces and in lowercase

          ex. paigescrogin   If you go by a shortened version of your name you can enter it instead of your full name (ex. zachlarkin)

    password: Steele#20  (guess what last year's password was...you got it, Steele#19...see, it's not a big secret webpage and after you submit on May 8 we no longer have access to it.)

    Please...I'm begging you...don't go rogue! Follow the above formulas. You do not want to be doing this without my help if I can't access you stuff.

    School code: 446088

    Teacher key: sys7921

    Most of you should choose the 2D Art and Design portfolio to submit

    All the other information you enter is personal to you such as address, date of birth, etc. Make sure the address is correct because this is where they will be mailing back your portfolio with your 5 quality pieces this summer. If you know you are moving and don't know of another address then put the school address. 

    You will be asked survey questions which are optional and also asked about school codes where you want your results sent. You don't have to fill this out and can just skip it unless you know for sure what school to send the score





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