• Supplies:

    drawing/graphite pencil sketching set

    *black charcoal pencil

    *white charcoal pencil (charcoals might come in set, too.)

    2 black ultra fine point sharpie

    2 roller ball pens

    *Color pencils  (Prismacolors are best but expensive so buy on sale or use coupon)

    Watercolor paint set- either pan-style or tubes

    Acrylic paint set (small bottles or tubes- must include red, yellow, blue, black, white)      

    Black waterproof india ink (2-4oz bottle)

    brush set for acrylics and watercolors (variety of sizes)

    Erasers (white vinyl and kneaded are best)

    glue stick

    12" ruler

    *blending stumps

    multi-media sketchbook, minimum 50 pages, around 7"x10"- 9"x12"

    *found cheaper at Hobby Lobby

     Supplies can be found at Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, H.E.B., Target, Office Depot, and Amazon so shop around for best deals. Use your 40% coupon at Hobby Lobby!!!

    Optional recommendations:

    Watercolor sketchbook (especially if you think you are doing scuc@home for a long time) 

    Battery operated eraser.  I bought mine at hobby lobby for $9.99 in the section with drafting supplies.  They are wonderful for erasing fine details.  I have a few they can share but most students like to have their own.