Class Rules: Character Counts! 
    1. BE RESPECTFUL TO EVERYONE – Kindness, courtesy and respect towards all people (teachers, students, school/district staff, substitutes, visitors, etc.) are required in this class through both your actions and your speech. In class, noise levels must be respectful of everyone to allow each student to Zoom with Mrs. Easley, concentrate, and work during class.

    2. BE POSITIVE – Exhibit a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.

    3. BE PREPARED – Bring all needed supplies and work to class.

    4. BE PROMPT – Be in the room before the tardy bell rings.

    5. BE PRODUCTIVE – Do your own work. Always try hard to do your best!

    6. BE PROFESSIONAL – Our online classroom (Schoology, Zoom, etc.) are still classroom settings! All posts or comments must be class-related and school appropriate in these forums.

    Acceptable Use of Technology:

    • Laptops & Mobile Phones:
      • Each student must sit in their assigned seat and use their assigned laptop in class every day. If they notice a problem with their assigned laptop they must let Mrs. Easley know after pulling a different laptop from the charging station to use for the day. Students may be held responsible for laptop damages if they are not reported immediately, or for unauthorized downloading, tampering, etc.
      • Mobile phones should be placed “down & dark,” with sound notifications turned off, to help you limit distractions. Each student has an assigned laptop to use during class each day, so you do not need your mobile phone for class.
    • General Zoom Etiquette:
      • Always wear appropriate clothing – shirts and pants/shorts are required
      • Show your face to the camera when speaking. Turn off your camera if you need to do something distracting, like go to the restroom or take a phone call
      • Do not hold your device/camera – it will be shaky/unsteady – instead find a place to put it down
      • Avoid multi-tasking (put away your cell phone)
    • Additional Zoom “Group Meeting” Etiquette:
      • Mute Your Microphone (unless asked to unmute or when it is your turn to speak)
      • Keep chat box discussion open/on top and free from side conversations
      • Use chat box to ask questions
      • Politely answer classmate’s questions in chat box, if you are able

    Consequences for Violating Class Rules and Policies:

    1st Offense: Warning

    2nd Offense: Teacher Detention & Parent Contact

    3rd+ Offense: Office Referral

Zoom Classroom Expectations

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