Classroom Expectations

  •  Class Rules: Character Counts!
    1. BE RESPECTFUL TO EVERYONE – Kindness, courtesy and respect towards all people (teachers, students, school/district staff, substitutes, visitors, etc.) are required in this class through both your actions and your speech.
    2. BE POSITIVE – Exhibit a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.
    3. BE PREPARED – Bring all needed supplies and work to class.       
    4. BE PROMPT – Be in the room before the tardy bell rings.
    5. BE PRODUCTIVE – Do your own work. Always try hard to do your best!
    6. BE RESPONSIBLE – Food & drinks are not allowed in class due to possible damage to computers. Place (do not throw) trash in the wastebasket and discard paper in the recycling bin. Do not sit on tables. Your work station should be left cleaner than you found it. Report all computer issues to the teacher immediately.

    Acceptable Use of Technology in the Classroom: 

    Mobile Phones & Head Phones: Mobile phones MUST be in the student’s pocket/bag or placed “down & dark” on the table in front of them upon arrival to class. For certain activities, including testing, phones MUST be off the student’s body and placed in the student’s bag or in their assigned phone pocket by the door and may not be retrieved until specific permission is given by the teacher. Do not touch other student’s phones at any time. Students may occasionally be allowed to use ONE head phone/earbud (not loud enough to be heard by others) during individual class work time but not during tests.

    Computers: This class is held in a computer lab. Computer gaming is never allowed. If you have time to play games, then you may use it to practice your typing skills! Students are only allowed to sit at their assigned work station and use their assigned laptop unless specific permission is given by the teacher. Students and parents may be held financially responsible for any damage or modification made to any district equipment. If a student discovers a problem with or damage to their computer they must report it to the teacher immediately.

    To prepare students for an increasingly technological society, the district has made an investment in the use of district-owned technology resources for instructional purposes; specific resources may be issued individually to students. Use of these technological resources, which include the district’s network systems and use of district equipment, is restricted to approved purposes only. Violations of the user agreement may result in withdrawal of privileges and other disciplinary action. In addition, any student who engages in conduct that results in a breach of the district’s computer security will be disciplined in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct, and, in some cases, the consequence may rise to the level of expulsion. Student and parent signatures on the Class Syllabus & Expectations indicate agreement regarding use of these district resources, including student-assigned laptops.

    Consequences for Violating Class Rules and Policies:

    1st Offense: Warning

    2nd Offense: Teacher Detention & Parent Contact

    3rd+ Offense: Office Referral