Grading Guidelines

  • Checking Grades (Students & Parents)

    1. TxConnect is where official grades are recorded, at least weekly, by 4 pm on the first school day of the week.
    2. Students may discuss their grades with me during class (as time allows) or schedule an appointment outside of class. After that, if needed, parents may discuss grades with me by Schoology message, email, or scheduling an appointment via phone or Zoom.

    Class Participation:

    Participation and a positive attitude are the keys to success in this class.

    • You will pass this semester if you try your best and turn in every assignment.
    • You will fail this class if you refuse to complete/turn in work because then there is nothing for me to grade, and zeros are torpedoes to your average.
    • You may fail if you constantly turn in your work late and lose 10 points per day in late penalties. Remember, every point counts!
    • This course requires students to give individual, team, and group speeches/presentations.
      • Presentations are usually Summative grades (50% of the quarterly average) so participation in presentations is extremely important.
      • I do keep in mind that public speaking is very difficult for most students, so we begin with simpler topics and guidelines.
      • Students are solely responsible for completing their work on time and being prepared for all presentations.
    • Small extra credit opportunities are offered after each Unit Test. 
    • Accommodations will be made according to current IEP/504 modifications.

    Make-up Policy:

    Schoology access will allow you to complete all missed work (or incomplete work from class that day).

      • On-campus students who stay home for the day may complete the daily Attendance question by 11:59 pm to be counted "Asynchronous Present" rather than "Absent" for the day. Plus, if you are able to complete your school work at home that day you won't get behind in your daily classwork.
      • When absent, it is your responsibility to turn in all make-up work within the allowed time frame -- SCUC policy allows two make-up days for each day you were absent.
      • If you are present when an assignment, test, project/presentation is assigned but absent on the day it is due, then it becomes due on the day you return to class; although, the teacher reserves the right to reschedule presentations or tests, if needed.
    • Unit Retests (available to students who earn less than 70% on each Unit Test) must be completed within one week of the original Unit Test date.
    • Group projects/presentations will not be postponed if at least half of the group is present on the due date. See student handbook/grading guidelines for further details.
    • Exceptions require prior parent contact with teacher approval.

    Academic Honesty: Do your own work! Students found cheating on any assignment (including, but not limited to tests, quizzes, speeches, projects, and worksheets), providing unauthorized assistance, or copying the work of others will receive an office referral and consequences.

    SCUC Late Work Policy: All Late Work will only be accepted up to 3 days late with 10 points deducted per day.