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    In this class you will explore basic dance technique, which will be applied to several different styles of dance, including jazz, modern, ballet, lyrical, hip hop, and high kick.  Basic music theory and rhythmic notation will be studied.  The art of choreography will also be explored. One day per week, the class will walk/run 1 mile on the track.  Please be prepared with the proper shoes.  

    Students' averages will be calculated using the following grade weights:


    Participation/Daily Grades          50%

    Skills Tests/Projects                    50%



    In order to receive full participation credit for the day, you are required to dress out EVERY DAY for class.  You are allowed to wear your own sport clothing for this class.  Shorts, capris, and fitted pants are all acceptable, as well as t-shirts and tank tops.  ABSOLUTELY NO GUM OR JEWELRY ALLOWED!  Your hair must be securely pulled away from your face.  If you are interested in ordering dance attire (shoes, clothing, etc), please see Mrs. Sweet about ordering, and/or store location information.  A self-lock class locker will be provided to you, (you do not need to bring a lock from home).  Please bring a secure bag to store jewelry during class time.



    This class is a MOVEMENT class.  Therefore, student participation will determine 50% of the student’s average.  All students begin class with a 100 as their daily participation grade.  Points will be deducted if the student is wearing jewelry, chewing gum, is not dressed appropriately, or not dressed out at all, does not have their hair pulled back, is talking during class, or is not putting forth effort.  Dressing out for class everyday is mandatory unless otherwise told.  The following consequences will be applied if a student chooses not to dress out without a parent and/or doctor's note (per semester):


    1st time - WARNING

    2nd time - *Given 'zero' for a daily participation grade

    3rd time - *Given 'zero' for a daily participation grade/Contact parent

    4th time - Given 'zero' for a daily participation grade/Contact parent

    5th time - Given 'zero' for a daily participation grade/Discipline referral


    *Student may raise zero to a max. grade of a 70 by completing a one-page written essay evaluation of an article in Dance Spirit Magazine (provided by teacher) during the class period (only 2 zeros may be made up per semester).



    Students will perform learned dance steps, techniques, combinations, and or routines in small groups (3 or 4) approximately once every two weeks.  Students will get prior notice as to when their skills test will be performed.  YOU MUST BE DRESSED OUT APPROPRIATELY TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT!



    Projects may include, but are not limited to basic choreography skills, picture collages, creative movement, and original movement combinations, and written essays.  Students may work on projects individually and in small groups.  There will be 2 projects within the year.  Students will be given sufficient time to work on group projects during class.


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