• Student Acceptable Use Policy


    The Internet is an association of diverse communication and information networks. It is possible that your child may run across areas of adult content and some material that you might find objectionable. While the district will take reasonable steps to preclude access to such material and does not encourage such use, it is not possible for us to absolutely prevent such encounters.

    1.  Students may not use the Internet at Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City ISD (SCUCISD) without parental approval.

    2.   All use of SCUCISD computers and access to the Internet must be in support of education and research and be consistent with policies and goals of the SCUCISD.

    3.  Any use of SCUCISD computers for commercial and/or for profit purpose is expressly prohibited.

    4.  The use of SCUCISD computers for product advertisement and/or endorsement or political lobbying or campaigning is prohibited.

    5.  Users shall not seek information on, obtain copies of, modify files, or other data, or passwords belonging to other users.

    6.  No use of SCUCISD computers shall serve to disrupt the use of computers by others; hardware, software and/or web pages shall not be destroyed, modified, vandalized, or abused in any way. Vandalism includes any attempt to harm or destroy data of another user.

    7.  Use of SCUCISD computers to develop programs that harass other users or infiltrate a computer or computing system and/or damage the software components of a computer or computing system is prohibited.

    8.  Hate mail, harassment, discriminatory remarks, pornographic references or graphics, and other antisocial behaviors are prohibited on SCUCISD computers and computing systems.

    9.  Users are prohibited from using SCUCISD computers and computing systems for the electronic transmission of inappropriate photographs or text material (i.e. photos showing nudity or undergarments, any inappropriate sexually explicit photo, photos showing drugs or alcohol, referring to drugs or alcohol, using vulgar language or cursing) over the Internet, such as on a personal website (i.e. Facebook or MySpace or the like), “sexting” or distribution of nude or sexually explicit photographs by cell phone and/or SCUCISD computers and computing systems, or through any other form of mass communication.

    10. Use of SCUCISD computers to access or process inappropriate text and/or graphics files, or files dangerous to the integrity of the SCUCISD is prohibited.

    11. The illegal installation of copyrighted software for use on SCUCISD computers or computing systems is prohibited.

    12. Any violations of the use of the Internet should be reported to the teacher or supervisor assigned to the user.

    13. The above list is not intended to be all-inclusive.


    There is no right to privacy in the use of SCUCISD computers and networks. Electronic mail transmissions and other use of SCUCISD electronic communications systems shall not be considered confidential and may be monitored at any time to ensure appropriate use for educational or administrative purposes.


    Users found in violation of SCUCISD policies will be subject to one or more disciplinary actions based upon the severity of the infraction, the Student Code of Conduct and any extracurricular or honor organization’s code of conduct/constitution which may govern the user. Applicable State and Federal guidelines will be followed for students receiving special education services.