The historic material that the District receives is preserved in the District's permanent archives for safe keeping. The collection of historic documents includes some records and hand written journals from the "old" Green Valley School days (1887 th 1927) and Lower Valley School days (1877 th 1966). However, the oldest of the records are fragile and somewhat degraded. The bindings on the journals are broken and the pages near the top are so delicate that they crumble and flake if touched. One important lesson we should learn from examining these documents is the importance of adequate preservation measures.

We've learned from professional conservators, that treatments designed to prevent damage would only further degrade paper from the time frame of the "old" Green Valley & Lower Valley Schools. Conservators advise that, since the damage is done, our best use now, is to scan (or photocopy) the records to create "reproductions", thereby preserving the content. Scanning the material is also a practical way for us to share the history these records document, without exposing them to the additional damage caused by handling. After scanning the records, the originals are wrapped in archival quality packaging and stored securely.

The following table represents the District's catalog of historic records and material. You can view certain documents by clicking on the highlighted text in the description. Please keep in mind, that some of the documents will take a few moments to download. Some of the District's historic material is displayed in the SCUCISD Board Room located in the William Malish Administrative Building, 1060 Elbel Road, Schertz, Texas.

Catalogue of Historic Material


1887 th 1927 - Volume of Green Valley School Records w/entries dating from June 25, 1887 (year established) to May 10, 1927

All entries are handwritten and many appear to be in German.  

Records of fiscal administration and trustees business.  Some pages listing individuals names accompanied by dollar amounts (possibly records of school funding) .

Pages dated May 25, 1893 that appear to be a constitution or charter for the Green Valley School; written in non-english language (probably German).  Other entries dated July 30 1887, that appear to record the founding of Green Valley School.  If this journal records trustee’s business it follows suit that some of the entries could be minutes of meetings, resolutions, etc.

1991 th 1999 (cites 1877 th 1966) - Lower Valley School Reunion Programs - These documents provide excellent record of the Lower Valley School's history.  However, all three have the same content.  For that reason, a link is provided to only one of the documents.  
1) Saturday October 1987 Includes:
  • History of Lower Valley School 1877 - 1966
  • List Lower Valley School Teachers & years they taught 1877 - 1966
  • List Lower Valley School District Trustees who served 1877 th 1966

2) Second Ever, Saturday, October 1991 includes:

  • History of Lower Valley School submitted by Maxine & Lutrell Watts 1877 - 1966
  • List Lower Valley School Teachers & the yrs they taught 1877 - 1966 
  • List Lower Valley School Trustees who served from 1877 th 1966
  • Guest List for October 24, 1987 Reunion                        

3) Saturday, March 1999 includes:

  •     List Lower Valley School District Trustees  1877 - 1966
  •     List Lower Valley School Teachers & yrs they taught  1877 - 1966
  •     History of Lower Valley School submitted by Maxine & Lutrell Watts
  •     Directory of former Lower Valley School Students (provided by: Lions Club Membership)
                                                                                      (Historic Memorabilia from vault)
1895 (approx) to 1925 - Volume of Green Valley School Records - Hand written journal appears to be financial accounting, appears to be in German.  Some pages list individuals by name, some accompanied by dollar amounts (possibly records of school funding).

cites 1897 - Article about Schertz School in 1897, Published in The Valley News, Feb 15, 1967; (Schertz School FM1518; w/Photo of Student Body & Teachers)

1900 - Original Green Valley SchoolPhotograph of School buildings; w/Teacher & Student Body in Foreground. Reported to be Green Valley School, teachers & student body -1900 (approximate)
                                                                                      (History Project KKrueger)
1902 - Misc Green Valley School Records
 -Census Reports 1902 that lists names of students, and Nativity of their parents         
 -Misc receipts and vouchers 1913, 1918, 1925
1909 - Schertz School Program for school event - "Schertz School Entertainment at Schertz Hall, 
                                                                                   Friday March 26th, 1909
                                                                             (from M/M F.A. Cunningham, 1993)
1915 th 1969 - County Education District - Cumulative Records of students Elem through grade 12. (Birthdates 1915 th 1969) Records have been converted to microfilm, not indexed
1922 - Class Ring 1922 - Ring belonged to Mrs. Keith Hammond’s great aunt. She was 97 years old this year which would put her year of birth at 1907, making her 15 years old in 1922. The Hammonds are not certain of her name, as a student, but they believe it was Atkins or Schmidt.
We can just make out the letters “LEMEN” and the year 22 on a shield that dominates the top of the ring.   The surface of the ring is very worn.  It is marked 10k on the inside of the band & it appears the band has been damaged, repaired or possibly shows the marks of having been resized at some point.                                                          (from K Hammond, 2004)
1925 - Lower Valley School Desk - attached to original runners; new in 1925 when installed in classroom. Used by students until school closed in 1966. (Donated by estate of Maxine & Lutrell Watts, 2003; displayed in Board Room)
1927 th 1933 - “Standard Rural School” Certificate of Approval, Dept of Education, State of Texas issued to LOWER VALLEY SCHOOL, No. 33
             -1927-1928 & 1928 1929 School Years
             -1929 1930 and 1930 1931 Sch Yr
             -1931 1932 and 1932 1933 Sch Yr
                                                     (Donated by estate of Maxine & Lutrell Watts, 2003)
1932 th 1945 - Green Valley School - Vintage Photos 1932 th 1945; (& two from Yr Unknown)
1927 th 1955 - Green Valley School - One Vol - financial accounting records: Income & Expenses for each school year (w/some receipts included); 1927 thru 1955
1933 th 1939 - Certificates of High School Credits & Grade Reports; Cibolo High Sch 1933/34, 34/35, 35/36, 36/37, 37/38, 38/39
1951, 1915, 1923, 1946 - THE GOLDEN BOOK OF FAVORITE SONGS, Published by Hall & McCreary Co. ©1915,1923,1946.  Used at Lower Valley School; handwritten notation inside cover reads “1951”.  Donated by estate of Maxine & Lutrell Watts, 2003.
1951, 1952, 1953 - Records of Student’s Transcripts
                 - Lower Valley School 51/52, 52/53
                 - Schertz-Cibolo High Sch 51/52, 52/53
                 - Schertz-Cibolo Public Schools 51/52, 52/53
Describes: Names of Trustees in 1955, Students enrolled in 1955, History of Green Valley School, List of Teachers w/years they taught at Green Valley School, Names of founding Trustees (1887), Statement of School Law Bulletin of Authority to Establish a Rural High School
1955 - Green Valley School - Bank record from 9/1955:      cancelled check, transfer of funds,
1956 - The History & Operation of Lower Valley School & Community by Lutrell Watts; Fall 1956 - A Research Paper presented to Dr. E.O. Wiley; Southwest Texas State Teachers College in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts - Note: this is a 58 page document. It will takes some time to download.  Donated by estate of Maxine & Lutrell Watts, 2003.
1963 - OUR PRESENT IS HIS FUTURE! - Schertz-Cibolo School District 1963
1961 th 1966 - Accounting Recs     61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66
        Cash Receipts Journal,  Cash Disbursements Journal,
1961, 1962, 1963, 1969 - Scrapbook of news clippings/w Photos from the Valley News & Schertz Area Reporter,  SanAntonio Light, SanAntonio Express & News, Articles are dated  61, 62, 63, & 69,
Storylines that arose out of troubled times & the community’s growing pains.  The articles document friction & confrontations between community leaders, parents, students & the community in general.
-Bus Problems (multiple articles)
-Letters to Editor (multiple from Sch & Community Officials)
-Teaching Methods & Quality of Schools Questioned (multiple articles)
-Disciplinary Practices/Whippings Questioned (multiple articles)
-Election & Campaign News (multiple articles)
-Sch Board & Admin Issues (multiple articles)
-Controversial Suspension/firing of S-C Principals
-Students Protest & Faculty Threatens walk out in support of S-C Principals
-New Sup't takes office - William Malish July 1, 1962
-Garland Black contract bought out - Settlement of Differences 6/20/62
-Tax rates, enrollment, new faculty, finances,
-Dealth of Wm M Malish 8/27/69

Scrapbook was compiled by Mr Glenn McClure (deceased 4/29/95) and his wife Mrs Charlotte McClure (deceased 6/07).  The scrapbook also contains misc reports & commentary written by the McClures which reflect their personal opinions.

1964 - 1965 - Schertz - Cibolo Independent School District - Planning Program (projected needs for District & proposed solutions) - 1964/65
1962-63, 1963-64, 1966-67 - Texas State Teachers Assoc. Rose Gardent Elementary School Membership Certificate w/100% Enrollment
1964 th 1966 - Alphabet Flip Chart from Lower Valley Sch
  1964 th 1966   Published by The Zaner-Bloser Co. ©1964 by Parker Zaner Bloser
                                              (Donated by estate of Maxine & Lutrell Watts, 2003)
1966 - LOWER VALLEY SCHOOLS RECIPE BOOK - The exact year of this publication is unknown, it would have to have been after memeograph machines became available and before 1966 when the Lower Valley School closed. The 8 ½ X 11” pages have been folded in half and stapled at the spine to form the book. All of the recipes are written in the same hand in script and the pages were memographed to produce multiple copies. Donated by Estate of Maxine & Lutrell Watts, 2003
1967 - GRADE TEACHER THIRD ANNUAL YEARBOOK 1967:  Curriculum Guide for Math, Language Arts, Science & Social Studies - from Schertz Elem; Published by Teachers Publishing Corp ©1967.  Donated by estate of Maxine & Lutrell Watts, 2003
1967 - Samuel Clemens High School - Design Concept:(Planning, Cost Breakdown, Floor Plan, etc.)
1967-68 - DISPLAYS BY STURGIS - Planned Bulletin Boards, Visual Teaching Aids, Seasonal Displays, Remedial Reading Projects; I.T.A. Material Aids, Library Aids; Published by Sturgis Library Products, Inc. 1967 1968 -  Used at Schertz Elementary School. Donated by estate of Maxine & Lutrell Watts, 2003
1969, 2004 - Samuel Clemens High School - Class of 1969 Class Reunion -published in 2004 for alumni
1968/69 th 1998/99 - School District Employee Directories & Schertz Elem Sch  Employee Lists 1968/69 th 1998/99. School District & Schertz Elem Sch Calendars 1968/69 th 1998/99. Donated by Mrs. Bonnie Nichols
1971 th 2000   (cites 1844 th 1952) - Schertz Elem School Scrapbook compiled in conjunction w/SCUCISD Hist Project.  contains:
    -news clips from local publications & Photos collected by BNichols 1971 th 2000
    -History of Schertz Elem recorded by BNichols,
    -Names of Principals & yrs they served
The scrapbook also contains Schertz Elem History & Background prepared by CCielencki & reproductions of historic Documents that relate to School in Schertz  
1973 - Curriculum Guide, Accreditation Planning Records 1973 Document, English Curriculum Objective Grades 1-8 By Charles H Broughton, Addressed to the teacher, Asst' Supt' for Instruction June 1973
1977 - THE RED WHITE & BLUE SONGBOOK- Patriotic & Brotherhood Songs for the Elem Grades Published by Scholastic Book Services - Copyright 1977, Used at Schertz Elementary School. Donated by estate of Maxine & Lutrell Watts, 2003
1979 1980 - Financial Reports - Monthly Reports of “Bills for Approval and Payment” prepared by the business office for submission to the SCUCISD Board of Trustees from July 1979 through & including May 1980
1980 - Panoramic Photos - Goldbeck Co.  “1980 Band of Samuel Clemens High School”, Donated by K Koenning for History Project
1980 - Financial Report of “Bills for Approval & Payment during June 1980” submitted to SCUCISD Board of Trustees
1981 1982 - Rose Garden Elementary
 -Scrapbook of News clippings & Photos 81 82 Sch Yr
 -Photo Album Group Pics of ea class & faculty 81 82
1981, 1982, 1983 - Rose Garden Elementary Photos: Faculty & Student Body (w/names) 82 83. Dates approximated based on dates of other documents stored in conjunction.
1982-83 th Present - PIO records of Employee & Community Newsletters & Bulletins
1983 - Panoramic Photos - Goldbeck Co. “1983 Graduates of Samuel Clemens High School”  Donated by K Koenning for History Project
1983 - Mortarboard & Signet Tassel  w/Students & Faculty Autographs Class of ‘83
Donated by K Koenning for History Project    
1984 - Superintendent Burel Block’s Resignation Agreement June 1984
Donated by R Richards, Jr. for History Project
1987 - Anexation, Disannexation, Abolition & Other Jurisdictional Records - East Central 1987
1987 - Anexation, Disannexation, Abolition & Other Jurisdictional Records for Planning & Development 1987
1989 - 24” Panoramic Photos (Framed/archivally sealed)
        -Rose Garden Elem Sch  89                         -Schertz Elem Sch 89
        -Northview Edu Ctr 89                                -OG Wiederstein Elem Sch 89
1989 - 24” Panoramic Photos (Framed/archivally sealed)
        -J Frank Dobie Int Sch 89                           -SCHS 89  
         -Wm Malish Adm Ctr 89                             -Corbett Jr High Sch 89
1990 1991 - 24” Panoramic Photo (framed)
        -Northview Early Childhood Center Student Body & Staff 1990/91
   “High School Growth Advisory Committee Report” Presented to the SCUCISD Board of Trustees
1999 th Present - PIO records of media requests for statements & records of press releases relating to matters of School District interest
2001 - Articles & Documents that portray the community’s reaction to the events of SEPTEMBER 11, 2001:
Yearbooks: Multiple years from Schertz-Cibolo High School and Samuel Clemens High School 1949 th 2010
unknown - Police Crossing Guard Stop Sign year unknown. Donated by B Brockman for History Project
unknown - Signature Stamp - Lutrell Watts (year unknown).  Lutrell Watts served at:
   -Lower Valley Sch from 1941 th 1966          -Sch Elem from 1966 th 1980
Donated by Estate of Maxine & Lutrell Watts, 2003

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