History of Samuel Clemens High School

  • The Beginning

    The history of Samuel Clemens starts in 1917 at Schertz High School, originally located on loop 539 in Cibolo. In 1952, Schertz-Cibolo High School was moved to Main Street in Schertz. The first graduating class had two members. The school consisted of four classrooms downstairs and one upstairs, along with a large auditorium. The heating was an old woodstove, and the air conditioning was an open window. The school was so small that two grades fit into one classroom.  The restroom was outdoors. 

    Becoming Samuel Clemens

    At about three  o'clock in the morning in 1961, the Board of Trustees reached a decision that the school district would become an independent school district. In 1967, the district annexed Universal City into its boundaries, formally becoming SCUC ISD. At the time, all the band jackets and other uniforms featured the letters SC for "Schertz-CIbolo," and it would have proved cost prohibitive to change it. Acontest was held to name the school using those same initials of SC, and Samuel Clemens was the winner. Samuel Clemens, of course, is writer Mark Twain's bona fide name.

    Samuel Clemens was established and built on Elbel Road in Schertz in 1967.


    Samuel Clemens High School was built in seven segments. The original building and field house were completed in 1967, with the first vocational building following in 1970. Rapid growth required the north classroom wing and an addition to the field house in 1972. A second vocational building was added in 1974. The science, current library, and ROTC wings—along with the practice gym—were competed in 1990. Increased student growth required the construction of a new dining center, band hall, choir room, and additional classrooms in 1995. In 2008, a new science wing was completed with major renovations and upgrades to the entire campus. Other additions included the Shelton Athletic Complex.