•  Answers to Frequently asked Questions

     How do I… 


    …request an official transcript?


    • Complete request at:  https://www.scuc.txed.net/Page/17336
    • There is no cost to request a transcript.
    •  Due to state law, official transcripts must be sent directly from high schools to colleges/universities. Ms. Hale may release official transcripts in sealed envelopes only to students applying for scholarships outside of those offered by colleges/universities.
    • Please allow 5-7 working days to process a transcript request.



    …request my transcript from Alamo Colleges - Northeast Lakeview for my Dual Credit classes?


    • After students have graduated from high school, Northeast Lakeview will release transcripts.
    • Students must request that a final high school transcript be sent from Clemens to St. Philip’s.
    • Students must then request a transcript from St. Philip’s or Northeast Lake View at 

    Alamo Colleges Transcript

    …request my transcript from the University of Texas for my Dual Enrollment classes?  

    UT Transcript request

    …apply for college?


    •  If you are applying to a public college or university in Texas, you need to visit www.applytexas.org.Some private schools in Texas also use this website.
    • Some Texas schools are using Common App
    •  If you are applying to a private school or a school outside of Texas, please follow the instructions on their website.
    • Keep in mind that each school has specific instructions and deadlines.  Pay attention and be accurate and complete!
    •  A college or university needs three items from you to consider you for admission:  application, official transcript, and ACT/SAT score(s).


    …register for ACT/SAT?


     You must register online at the appropriate website.

    •       The cost for the ACT i s $46.00 (no writing) or $62.50 (with optional writing test) + $29.50 (if registered late).. This includes a score report for you, the high school, and up to four college choices, which you must provide when you register. For more information and to register, please visit www.act.org.
    •        The SAT test base price includes the two main sections: Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. There is a fee for adding the optional SAT Essay. For the 2019-2020 school year, the SAT costs $49.50 and the SAT with Essay costs $64.50. Cost for the SAT is $52.50. This includes a score report for you, the high school, and up to four college choices, which you must provide when you register. The SAT Subject Tests are generally not used for admissions, although some schools require them for placement. Please check with the colleges to which you are applying to determine whether or not they require SAT Subject Tests.For more information and to register, please visit https://www.collegeboard.org/.


    ...create a College Board account


    • Your personal College Board account gives you access to these programs: SAT, AP, PSAT/NMSQT, CLEP, BigFuture™, and more. And if you’re an AP student, you’ll use your account’s username and password to access AP Classroom
    • Visit https://cbaccount.collegeboard.org/iamweb/smartRegister to create your account.  If you think you already have one, do not create a new one.  Visit Sign in to college board


    ...register to take the TSI?



    …register with the NCAA Eligibility Center?


    If you are planning to play college sports, make sure you are registered with the NCAA Eligibility Center at  https://web3.ncaa.org/ecwr3/



    …get a letter of recommendation?


    • Many schools and scholarship programs ask students to provide letters of recommendation and/or completed recommendation forms. They may specify that recommendations come from particular people, or they may allow students to choose.
    • Give the person recommending you a copy of your academic resume. If you do not already have one, there are samples in the counseling office or under the tab at http://www.scuc.txed.net/SamuelClemens.cfm?subpage=10253.  You can also fill out the senior profile sheet at http://www.scuc.txed.net/files/512/senior%20profile.pdf
    • For letters of recommendations from a Clemens Counselor, please fill out a form at https://www.scuc.txed.net/Page/33682
    • Allow for at least two weeks’ notice to ensure a well-written recommendation. Failure to do so may result in a hastily written letter or no letter at all.


    …make a college visit?

    •         Campus visits are highly recommended.
    •         Most schools have information about making visits on their websites.  Many schools offer weekend events for students and parents.  You can also find information at http://www.scuc.txed.net/SamuelClemens.cfm?subpage=41681
    •         Juniors and seniors are allowed two days off each year to make college visits.
    •         Students can pick up the College Visit Form from the Counseling Office and visit with their administrator or counselor prior to making a visit.
    •         Students must return the form to the attendance office with proper signatures upon their return to Clemens in order to have the absence(s) coded correctly.
    •      Use a checklist to help you organize your visit:  Campus Visit Checklist


    …apply to a military academy?


    -        The United States offers selected students the opportunity to earn a high-quality education combined with military training at United States Military Academy, United States Naval Academy, United States Air Force Academy, United States Coast Guard Academy, and United States Merchant Marine Academy. 

    -        A congressional nomination is required for consideration by all but United States Coast Guard Academy. 

    -        Interested students should contact the appropriate academy no later than the spring of their junior year to begin the application process.

    -         http://www.collegeview.com/articles/article/the-basics-of-applying-to-a-military-academy



    …get in touch with a military recruiter?


    -        Each branch of the military actively recruits among high school students.  Recruiters are on our campus weekly or stop  by the office and ask the counseling secretary.

    -        Enlistment in the military offers students opportunities for education, training, and travel.

    -        Students should research carefully and be aware of the terms of enlistment. 

    -        The ASVAB is required for enlistment.

    -        This test will be offered in December of every year. Students must sign up in the College/Career Center.


    …apply for financial aid?


    -        You can find many websites and videos to help at http://www.scuc.txed.net/SamuelClemens.cfm?subpage=41390

    -        Familiarize yourself with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa

    -        Apply for student/parent Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) at  https://studentaid.gov/fsa-id/create-account/launch  These will be required in order to submit your FAFSA electronically in the spring.

    -        The FAFSA can be submitted Oct 1st of your senior year.



    …find scholarships?


    -        Researching scholarships takes time and dedication.  You won’t get money unless you ask for it, and asking for it means completing paperwork in a timely manner.

    -        Scholarship scams do exist.  The rule of thumb is that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

    -        You should not have to pay to apply for a scholarship.

    -        A great place to start researching scholarships is the Scholarships tab on the Counselors’ front page of the school website or  at http://www.scuc.txed.net/SamuelClemens.cfm?subpage=41389 


    ...get technolgy help?  How do I log on?  How do I get help with google and google classroom?