Credit by Exam

  • Credit by Exam


    For current SCUC ISD students, Credit by Exam is offered four times per school year. The dates for testing at SCHS for the 2019-2020 school year are:
    REGISTRATION WINDOW                             CBE TEST DATES
     JULY 19-26 2021                                       AUGUST 9-17 2021
     OCT 18-22 2021                                       NOVEMBER 15-19, 2021 
     JANUARY 10-14 2022                               FEBRUARY 7-11 2022
    APRIL 11-14 2022                                     MAY 16-20 2022
    Students may take up to two (2) exams at each test session. Qualifications for taking one of the two types of exams are explained below.
    Credit by Exam for Acceleration
    • Clemens works with The University of Texas at Austin K – 16 Curriculum for all Credit by Exam for Acceleration
    • Students may take an exam to earn credit for any course offered, as long as they have not received instruction in that course. List of courses available are on the UT website
    • A score of 80 or better is required to receive credit
    • The same Credit for Acceleration may be attempted only two times
    • There is no cost to the student/parent for this type of exam for the first CBE

    Credit by Exam with Prior Instruction

    • Students may be eligible for credit by examination if they have failed a one semester course OR both semesters for a full year course
    • To receive credit for the course, students must score an exam grade of 70 or higher
    • Students must visit with their counselor for specifics & details
    A complete list of exams available for high school courses can be found at the links below.
    Note: The letters A & B represent Fall Semester "A" and Spring Semester "B" when requesting semester exams for courses.
    Study guides are available in the links below.
    Please keep in mind...
    • Grades received through credit by examination/exam for acceleration will not be used in calculating grade point average and class rank
    • Transportation is the responsibility of the student
    • Testing will be done outside of the student's regular school day and transportation to & from testing is the responsibility of the student and/or parent or guardian
    • No study guides or materials will be provided for students attempting a credit by exam. It is the student's responsibility to fully prepare for the exam (s) by accessing the study guide(s) provided by The University of Texas K-16 Education center at
    • Some CBE's require the completion of additional work to be submitted along with the CBE to receive credit. The student is responsible for reviewing the specific CBE study guide (s)  for additional requirements and completing these requirements prior to testing date(s). 
    • Modifications that would make the test invalid are prohibited.
    • Students will be notified of the location, time, and date of their exams the week of. 
    • Student must notify their counselor if they are unable to attend.
    • Tests given will be assigned a test date.
    • It is understood that the passing rate for credit by exam in the past couple of years has been low; therefore, it is very important that students prepare for the exam with the study guides.