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Samuel Clemens High School is proud to be an IB World School!

Congrats to the class of 2022.  85% of the students received their IB diploma!  We are so proud of you!  
Class of 2022
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Samuel Clemens 
International Baccalaureate
Diploma Program


If you  seek an academically challenging, well-rounded program offering excellent preparation for college, robust college acceptance rates, potential college credit, and the chance to strive for an internationally-recognized IB Diploma, submit an online application at the link below.

While most students apply to the IB Program in the 8th grade and begin participation in 9th,  freshmen and sophomores are also welcome to apply.   Students from outside SCUCISD may be eligible to participate as well if you don't currently reside in a district that offers the full Diploma Program. Contact the IB Coordinator for more information -

Learn More:

IB Video: "IB Learner Profile"

IB Video: "Education for a Better World"

IB Powerpoint Fall 2021

IB Brochure

Additional information included in the files below.

The effectiveness of IB is due to the depth of the individual courses and the comprehensive nature of the program.  Interested in applying? 

Please note that the application is a two-step process:  

1.   fill in the on-line form the link is above;
2.   submit your most recent report card. You may email electronically to (include student name in subject line) or you may drop off/deliver directly to campus, Attention: Rollins IB.  

If you are a transfer student, you will need to complete an "Out of District Transfer Request" in 2021.
You will be notified via email address you provide in the application when your form has been processed.  If you have questions, contact
IB Coordinator: Lauren Rollins
Follow us on Twitter: @ClemensIB


Research Corner:

  • Wondering about the IB Diploma and college acceptance? Read the results of a study on "college acceptance" and IB here.  
  • Why IB? What good will it do you? Read the results of an in-depth qualitative study interviewing IB grads "to explore the long-term impact of" IB.  Find the article here. 
  • Wondering about the IB Diploma and college readiness? Read the report from the Education Policy Improvement Center here.   


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