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    Welcome to Dual Credit

    Dual Credit offers students the opportunity to earn college credits while in high school.  Credit is awarded through Alamo Community College and is transferable to ALL Texas public colleges and universities.  For questions on private universities and out of state schools please check with their admissions office.        


    Courses for Fall 2020


    Clemens Course          College Fall 2020             College Spring 2021

    United States History       HIST 1301                     HIST 1302           

    English III                        ENGL 1301                    ENGL 1302   

    Federal Government        GOVT 2305                    GOVT 2305

    Texas Government           GOVT 2306

    Macro-Economics             ECON 2301                     ECON 2301

    English IV                         ENGL 2322                     ENGL 2323

    Med Micro D/C                 BIOL 1406                     BIOL 1407

    College Algebra                                                        Math 1414


    Culinary II                        HOSP 1170                    FOODS 1301

    Culinary II                        CHEF 1205





    *We are excited to offer Culinary Dual Credit through St. Philip's College.  Please be sure to apply to St. Philip's College if you are applying for Culinary Dual Credit only.  


    *************This is a preliminary list for 2020-2021 and is subject to change based on faculty availability and class sizes.*********


    If you have any questions please email  fmartinez@scuc.txed.net  



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