Athletic Training




    Head Athletic Trainer:

    Crystal Saunders, M.Ed, LAT, ATC


     Athletic Trainer: 

     Jonathon Housby, MS, LAT, ATC


    Training room phone number: 210-945-6568
    Training room fax number: 210-945-6597 





Sports Medicine I & II

  • Sports Medicine I & II

    Of all the professions in the sports medicine team, none is more closely involved with the athlete than the athletic trainer. 

    The athletic trainer is an individual who deals with the athlete from the time of the initial injury, throughout a period of rehabilitation, until the athlete is able to return to practice or competition. The athletic trainer is most directly responsible for health care in an athletic environment, which includes preventing injuries, providing initial first aid and injury management, evaluating injuries, and designing and supervising an effective program of rehabilitation that ensure a safe and quick return of the athlete to his/her activity.

Sports Medicine Class

  • Sports Medicine Class I & II
    Credit: 1 Unit/1 year course
    The purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the measures for the prevention, management, and rehabilitation of athletic related injuries. Students will study basic anatomy as it applies to athletic injuries, protective equipment taping and bracing to protect the injured area and different theories of evaluation and rehabilitation techniques as they apply to athletic injuries. Problems such as nutrition, physical examination, wound care, environmental conditions, therapeutic modalities, and the Samuel Clemens athletic training facilities and equipment are discussed.
    Students in this class may be chosen to replace graduating seniors' student athletic trainers for the following fall/spring athletic sports seasons. If chosen these students from the sports medicine class will become members of the Clemens Student Athletic Trainers and have the opportunity to learn real life hands on skills and work closely with the various Samuel Clemens athletic sports teams, coaches, team physician, and staff athletic trainers.

SCUC Team Doctor


    Dr. Peter F. Holmes has been an integral part of our Samuel Clemens High School Athletic Program for over 29 years. Each year the Schertz-Cibolo Universal City ISD honors those who, by example and direct involvement, help enrich the lives of our children. In 2001, Dr. Peter F. Holmes was a distinguish recipient of this "Hall of Honor" award. Dr. Holmes has shared his knowledge and skill as our Team Physician to our Athletic Sports Medicine Department by providing a free weekly clinic in the community for our injured athletes and every Saturday during football season a free clinic at his office. Dr. Holmes is physically present at all of our home football games and play-off games.

    Dr. Holmes has given his services to all of our High School and Junior High athletes as well as members of our faculty, Cheerleading squads, Band, and Dance team. There are numerous people waking around healthy today whose futures would have been far less fortunate if it had not been for Dr. Holmes being there with his marvelous mind, consummate skill and expertise.

    Dr. Holmes has given of himself to others far beyond what is really expected of a team doctor. Dr. Holmes is highly respected, not because of his title or position, but because he has "EARNED" the respect of the entire Clemens community over the many years.

    As a person Dr. Holmes has a great since of humor and genuinely down to earth attitude - Dr. Holmes has mended spirits, put smiles on faces and comfort in a worried parents eyes as well as mend broken arms and legs. Dr. Holmes and his associates have provided at little to no cost surgical procedures, treatments, care, consultations and eased concern parents.


    Because he is always ready to help in whatever way he can in times of trouble, always giving more and expecting less in return, we are truly grateful. The Clemens Sports Medicine Department is honored to have Dr. Peter F. Holmes as our Buffalo Team Doctor and his associates working with him. He and his associates continue to give new meaning to the words devotion and dedication.