Visting Team Information


    Information for Visiting Teams

    On behalf of the Sports Medicine Team at Samuel Clemens High School, the Buffaloes would like to welcome you and your teams to our campus. We hope your time at our campus will be injury free and enjoyable. To better accommodate your teams while on our campus a personalized visiting team list is available below with a description of the supplies that will be at disposal on your visit to our campus and also area contact information.
    You will find our athletic training room is equipped with the following modalities: Whirlpool, moist heat packs, ultrasound and electrical stimulation units if traveling with a licensed athletic trainer. Your team trainer will have access to water, ice bags, ice and OSHA required materials if requested. Please notify us in advance so we may make arrangements to help accommodate your team’s needs.
    Freshman/JV Games
    ( 1 ) ice chest/injury ice and a water unit provided. Please provide your own kit and water bottles.
    Varsity Games
     Visiting team dressing area w/athletic training room & ( 1 ) ice machine.  ( 1 ) outdoor table for taping provided  (2) Sideline tables w/water access. Please supply your own water bottles.
    * 2 Licensed Athletic Trainers and our Team Doctor or associate will be accessible at all Varsity Football Home games.
    Volleyball & Basketball
    Freshman/JV Games
    Water and Injury ice will be provided. Please have all your sub-varsity teams provide their own kit and water bottles.
    Varsity Games
    Water, cups and Injury ice/bags will be provided. Please provide your own team kit and water bottles.
    ( 1 ) ice chest/injury ice, ice bags, and ( 1 ) cooler of water will be provided. Please provide your own kit and water bottles.
    Baseball & Softball
    (1)- 10 gallon of water & ice, ( 1 ) cooler of injury ice. Please provide your own Kit and cups/water bottles if you like.
    Track Meets
    IFirst aid, njury ice and water available in central locations.
    Injury ice/ice bags provided and water available. It is best to bring your own water coolers/containers for your teams.

    Important Contact information:
    Head Athletic Trainer: Crystal Saunders
    Assistant Athletic Trainer: Jonathon Housby
    Athletic Training Room:
    Athletic Training Room Fax:
    Athletic Coordinator: Jared Johnston
    Dr. Peter F. Holmes (Team Physician) 


    Please let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you and your teams prior to your arrival. Do not hesitate to contact any of our Staff Athletic Trainers, if you have questions or concerns. Best of luck for a successful season and continued safe travel.

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