The IMANI Multicultural Club (IMC) is the name of this organization.  IMANI is also the parent organization for the Samuel Clemens HS Buffalo Steppers Step Team and Animotion, our Hip Hop dance team which have become very  popular throughout Schertz, Cibolo, and the surrounding communities. The IMANI Multicultural Club is a student organization originally established in the year 2000 at Samuel Clemens high school. This organization was established to be a community service type of organization with an emphasis on providing a club for students of various cultures and ethnic backgrounds a place to be able to come together and have fun.  Our purpose is to promote culture awareness and unify a diverse  student population through education and positive effort. The word “IMANI” comes from a Swahili word that for the seventh day of KWANZAA’s, Celebration of the Harvest. It means to believe in all our heart, our people, our parents, our leaders, and the righteousness, and victory of our struggle. Although, IMANI stands for Faith, we are not a religious organization in nature.


    2010 Central Texas Stampede