• We believe:

    • The visual arts are essential at all levels of human development.

    • The visual arts are sensitive to learning styles and multiple intelligence: all students are capable.

    • The visual arts develop critical and creative thinkers.

    • Visual literacy and self-expression in the visual arts are vital forms of communication in our global society.

    • Quality visual arts education requires instruction by professional certified art educators.

      (taken from the mission statement from the Texas Art Educator's Association TAEA website)



    We offer a wide range of art classes that allow students to either discover a variety of art-making mediums or to become skilled in one.  The introductory course required for ALL art students is Art 1.  Once a student successfully completes Art 1, they can choose upper-level classes in Drawing/Painting, Sculpture, or Digital Art.  When the student is a junior or senior, they can take an AP Studio Art course and potentially receive college credit based on their portfolio score.  Samuel Clemens also offers IB Visual Arts as part of the IB Curriculum.  Our full list of courses:

    Art 1

    Art 2: Drawing 1, Sculpture 1, or Digital Art 1

    Art 3: Drawing 2, Sculpture 2, or Digital Art 2

    AP Studio Art or IB Visual Art (if student is part of the IB Diploma Program)