Classroom Expectations

  • Continuous Classroom Improvement

    Physical Education

    Coach Molder


    Step 1: Learning Requirements

    -          Dress Out

    -          Participation

    -          Team Sports

    -          Individual Sports

    -          Outdoor Recreation

    -          Aerobic

    -          Personal Foundations

    -          Sportsmanship

    -          Student led activities

    -          Group Collaboration



    -          Collaborate with girls P.E.

    -          TEKS

    -          Explain why TEKS are important

    -          Explain process of teaching – success of TEKS

    -          Find different ways for each student to enjoy physical education

    -          National Standards


    Step 2: Class Learning Goal

    -          By the end of the semester, 100% of every physical education student will meet or exceed the P.E. standards as measured by a score of 80% or better on the Unit Written Test and a score of 80% on the Unit Skills Test given at the end of each two week unit.


    Step 3: Class Learning Results

    -          Competition between classes.

    -          What % meets or exceeds the standard (learning goal).

    -          Bar graph

    -          Pre-Test / Post Test