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  • Journalism II

    Mrs. Hernandez


                Welcome to Journalism II!  This is going to be a great year for our staff.  Together we will learn and grow in our community at Clemens.  We will gather many concepts of writing, photographing, organizing and distributing our publications.  So, put your seatbelt on and let’s get started.


    Texts: Students will have access to Jostens 1-2-3 (class set) textbook.  They may check a copy of the book out overnight if needed to complete an assignment. 


    Plagiarism Policy: The Random House College Dictionary defines plagiarism as the "appropriation or imitation of language, ideas and thoughts of another author, and representation of them as one's original work." Any student caught plagiarizing will fail the assignment. 


    Computers and the Internet: In journalism we use computers extensively for design, word processing, interviewing and research.  It is imperative that the students strictly adhere to district and school policies for use of computers and the Internet. This year we received brand new Mac computers and there will be NO food or drinks allowed near the computers. 


    Supplies: Students will need supplies particular to the course.  These supplies may vary throughout the year, and they may be on an individual basis.  Required supplies include paper, pen, and an organized notebook/folder but these additional supplies will be very beneficial:

    -          4G Flash drive

    -         1 large permanent marker (any color)

    -         3 pieces of posterboard (any color)

    -         1 box large colored markers

    -         1 box kleenex

    *     1 Spiral notebook


    Class Goal: The class goal is to achieve a spectacular yearbook, meet deadlines, and work efficiently within assigned groups.  While doing this, the student should gain knowledge in the discipline of journalism.


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