My Homework

  • 1st Nine Weeks

    Week 1:  Student Contract/Syllabus/Inventory/Last Picnic

    Week 2:  History of Forensics/Lab Safety Quiz/Types of Evidence

    Week 3: Careers/Evidence/Reasoning/Career Quiz

    Week 4: 1st Test/ Test Corrections/ Career Project

    Week 5:Crime Scene Techniques/Legal Systems/Career Project Due

    Week 6: Crime Scene guided notes/Smash and Grab/ Forensic Files S and G/Crime Scene -- Law Test

    Week 7: OJ Writing Assignment/ Test Corrections/ OJ worksheet-- The Verdict

    Week 8: Crime Scene Quiz/Notes, Vitruvian Man Lab

    Week 9: Forensic Files Diagram/CSI Review


    2nd Nine Weeks

    Week 1: CSI Test Review/Test/Test Corrrections

    Week 2: Pg 498-499 1-15, Glass Fractures, Groundbreaking Techniques, Case Studies

    Week 3: Glass Test, Test Corrections, Paint Analysis Notes

    Week 4: Paint Analysis Worksheet, Quiz, John Joubert, Will Williams WKSHT

    Week 5: Precision Exams, Hair and Fiber Notes

    Week 6: Forensic Files: Caught by a Hair, Hair and Fiber Test

    Week 7: Hair and Fiber Corrections, Hair and Fiber Worksheet

    Week 8: Fingerprint Lab, Fingerprint Matching

    Week 9: Midterm Review, Midterm Test


    3rd Nine Weeks:

    Week 1:  Ridgeology, History of Fingerprinting, Article Questions

    Week 2:  Video Summary, Review, Test, Case Study

    Week 3: Richard Ramirez facts, Fingerprint Notes, Fingerprint Case Studies

    week 4: Fingerprint Notes, Psychopathy questions, Jim Fallon ?s, Pension for Poison, Ted Bundy ?s

    Week 5: Psychopathy Questions, Psychology Test Review, Psychology/Serial Killer Test

    Week 6: Test Corrections, Impressive Evidence Notes,

    Week 7: Impression Quiz, Needle in a Haystack, Firearms Article

    Week 8: Firearms ppt, Murder on the menu, Columbine 0 hour

    Week 9: Gun control article, Book questions 602 1-15, Review, Test


    4th Nine Weeks:  

    During Covid-19 break:

    1st Week:  Forgery Youtube video, Document Analysis, Look at powerpoints and review:

    2nd Week: Forgery/Document Analysis Project