Class Rules




    Class rules and procedures are designed to assist in providing a positive learning environment that benefits everyone. Each student will be held accountable to classroom expectations.


    1. Students are expected to be positive, have a good attitude, and do the very best they can.

    2. Students are expected to bring all class materials and be seated in your assigned seat for the start of class. The school tardy policy will be followed.

    3. Students are expected to follow all school rules, specifically regarding food and drink, electronic devices, dress code, and proper display of student i.d. card.

    4. Students are expected to be attentive and respectful.

    5. Students are expected to remain in their designated area unless given permission to do otherwise.



    Daily Assignments/ClassworkParticipation (50%)

    Tests/Quizzes (50%)


    Ø Students will need a spiral notebook to be used as a journal for daily warmup activities. It will be turned in weekly for a test grade.

    Ø All tests, homework, handouts, and quizzes should be kept in your health folder. This folder will be turned at the end of each 9 weeks for a test grade.

    Ø Participation is a must. Be prepared to be actively involved in class discussions and activities.

    Ø Quizzes will be given periodically.     Failing test grades may be retaken within two weeks of the original test for a maximum of 70 points.   All retests must be requested by the student and will be given at the teacher’s convenience.

    Ø Grading will follow the district grading policy.   


    All Students will be expected to follow the student code of conduct.  No students will be given permission to leave class unless it is an emergency.  If there is a medical issue that requires a student to leave class.  Please bring it to my attention as soon as possible.  

    All discipline issues will be addressed and documented.   All subsequent issues will be addressed and handled according to the student code of conduct.  I will expect all students to be polite, respectfull and prepared for class with all materials.   

    Please email me with any concerns at