Tips to Success



    Tips to help you learn Spanish

    1.-  Take advantage of any opportunity to talk to native/fluent Spanish speakers.

    2.-  The more you practice, the more you learn. Besides that, what's the point of learning Spanish if you're afraid to use it? Just get out there and go for it, and don't worry about your mistakes. We've all been there!  :-)

    3.-  Listen carefully to your teacher and to others who are fluent in the language who speak at different speeds and with different accents. Tune in to foreign TV and radio programs whenever possible, and use recorded material such as DVDs and CDs. Even better, try to attend undubbed foreign films in commercial theaters. At the school's  lab we will have good training, and it will be used regularly in our class.

    4.-  Many students feel natural inhibitions and hesitations in speaking, but try not to worry about how others may perceive you if you make a mistake. It is only with continued practice that you will begin to speak with facility. Therefore, participate in debates, discussions, dialogues, singing, and skits as much as you can.  Participating in class is a good way to learn!