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  • Welcome to Clemens and Corbett Orchestra! 

    Google Classroom Codes

    Corbett 1st Period (Honors Orchestra) -- akqv5hf

    Corbett 2nd Period (Symphonic Orchestra) -- bctd6in

    Corbett 3rd Period (Prelude Orchestra) -- ow73owt

    Clemens 5th Period (Chamber Orchestra) -- oosar23

    Clemens 6th Period (Philharmonic Orchestra) -- hvr2irv

    Clemens 7th Period (Sinfonia Orchestra) -- shjjspq

    Remind Classroom Codes

    Corbett 1st Period (Honors Orchestra) -- @cjhorch1st

    Corbett 2nd Period (Symphonic Orchestra) -- @cjhorch2nd

    Corbett 3rd Period (Prelude Orchestra) -- @cjhorch

    Clemens 5th Period (Chamber Orchestra) -- @schsorch5

    Clemens 6th Period (Philharmonic Orchestra) -- @schsorch6

    Clemens 7th Period (Sinfonia Orchestra) -- @schsorch7


     Orchestra Readiness . . .


    On Thursday, August 29, each orchestra student will be given a classroom check on class readiness.  Your child needs to be equipped with an instrument/bow, rosin, shoulder rest or rock stop, pencil, soft cloth for cleaning strings, technique book, and outside identification on his/her instrument case.  Violinist/violists are required to have an extra set of strings.  If, for some reason, you are unable to have all the items ready by Thursday, August 29, please send a note letting me know when I can reasonably expect them. 

    A comprehensive list of music stores can be found in the yellow pages or by searching online for local music stores.  Here are a few listed below:

    • Alamo City Strings, 12255 West Ave. #4, San Antonio, TX, (210) 341-0500.
    • Antonio Strad Violin, 10288 San Pedro Ave., San Antonio, TX, (210) 349-9788.
    • Duckworth Violin Shop, 301 W San Antonio St., New Braunfels, TX, (830) 627-1778.
    • High School Music, 2106 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, TX, (210) 349-2775.
    • Music and Arts, 8206 Agora Pkwy, Selma, TX, (210) 566-1920.
    • Terra Nova Violins, 6983 Blanco Rd., San Antonio, TX (210) 349-4700.

    Thanks for helping us get off to a great start!  If there are any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

    Jennifer Tudyk

    Clemens and Corbett Orchestra

    619-4999, Ext. 5699