• AP Computer Science focuses on preparing students for the AP Exam.  The course teaches students the basics of computer programming, algorithms, and data structures.

    Samuel Clemens High School has a consistently high pass rate, usually about 20 - 30% above the global average for the exam.

    88.5% of students earned a 3 or higher on the 2018 exam.

    96.4% of students earned a 3 or higher on the 2019 exam.


    This class counts as:

    An advanced Math Credit (if taken after Algebra 2)

    An advanced Science Credit*

    A language other than English


    Students earn two credits while in this one credit course, earning twice the GPA boost for AP classes.


    Students do not need any programming experience to be successful in this class.




    The course is taught by Mr. Burton who:

    Annually grades the AP Computer Science A Free Response for Educational Testing Services

    Is an Educational Testing Services item writer (test question writer) for the AP Computer Science A Exam

    Is an Endorsed Consultant for AP Computer Science A through College Board

    Conducts professional development workshops throughout the nation to help others teacher AP Computer Science A


     *Adopted at part of Texas House Bill 728, but not fully implemented

Useful Information

    I would suggest installing an IDE on your home computer.  I have provided JCreatorLE on this site, along with instructions for installation and setup.  JCreatorLE only works on Windows operating systems, so contact me for other options if you only have a computer with MacOS available.