Classroom Rules & Regulations

  • Please remove all distractions from view by the start of class.  While you will be utilizing technology to access your work, I am asking that you remove all phones, laptops, air pods, ear phones, or any other technology device that may distract.  

    I truly value our learning time together.  As such all classes will begin on time and end on time.  I ask that you avoid being tardy, and if you are tardy to quietly come into the room and find your seat.  Additionally, please do not ask if it is OK to leave early.  Unless you have a major emergency come up I expect you to attend all class periods.  If something does come up please let me know immediately.

    Please throw away all food and drinks before leaving the classroom.  

    Classroom Expectations:


    • Respect yourself, others and materials.
    • Arrive to class on time and be prepared to work (this includes your homework)
    • Work bell to bell.
    • Teacher dismisses the class not the bell.
    • Stay current with reading assignments.
    • Actively participate in class discussions.
    • Students are expected to follow all district, campus, and classroom rules and procedures (this includes cell phone usage)