Class Expectations


  • 50% - Formative Grades :  Daily/Labs/Quizzes/Homework/Reading Logs/Minor Writing Assignments/District Benchmark
  • 50% - Summative Grades:  Tests/Projects/Research/Extended Labs/Unit Common Assessments/Major Writing Assignments
  • Students are responsible for assignments missed during an absence.  REGULAR SCHOOL ATTENDANCE INCREASES SUCCESS!
  • All guidelines are located in the District Grading Guidelines:  CLICK HERE


  • Tutoring sessions will be before school on Tuesday and after school on Thursday.
  • Respect the teacher and classmates to provide the best learning environment for all. (Common courtesy)
  • Respect for school property and lab equipment.
  •  Follow all lab safety procedures and guidelines. (See SCUCISD Lab Safety sheet)
  • Be in the class prepared to learn when the tardy bell rings.
  • Take care of all personal needs before arriving to class. (Restroom, water)
  •  Bring all necessary supplies to class and use class time wisely.
  • Take ownership of your success in this class.
  •  The Student/Parent Handbook will be the basis for standard rules.


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