Mr. Parris' Class Schedule and Tardy Policy

  • Mr. Parris' Class Schedule

    Period 1:  Earth-Space Science    8:40–9:30

    Period 2:  Earth-Space Science   9:35-10:30

    Period 3:  Earth-Space Science  10:35–11:25

    Period 4:  Lunch                  11:30–12:20

    Period 5:  Conference              12:25–1:15

    Period 6:  Astronomy                1:20–2:10

    Period 7:  Astronomy                2:15-3:05

    Period 8:  Astronomy                3:10–4:00     

    Make Sure You Get To Class On Time!

    Tardy Policy

    A student is marked tardy to class if he or she is not in the assigned room when the tardy bell rings.
    Tardy Procedure
    1st tardy:  Warning by teacher
    2nd tardy:  Detention hall assigned and held by teacher and parent contact by phone or conference
    3rd tardy:  Referred to appropriate administrator; 2 d-halls; 1 unexcused absence charged to student
    4th tardy:  Three d-halls and parent contact
    5th tardy:  ISS