Grading Policy

  • Grading Policy (students’ grades are accessible online as well as the district grading policy.)

    50% Formative Assessments: daily work, homework, quizzes, district benchmarks

    50% Summative Assessments: Tests, common assessments, projects



    See student handbook for policy. Retests will occur before or after school within one week of the grade’s posting. No higher than a 70 can be reached.


    Late Work/Absences (this responsibility lies with the student)

    If the absence is anticipated, please make prior arrangements to make up missed work. Students have two days for every day that they are absent to make up assignments.


    Students have 5 school days to turn in missing daily assignments for no higher than a 75. If there are extenuating circumstances preventing a student from turning in an assignment, please contact me. Certain exceptions may be granted.


    Extra Credit

    Each nine weeks, students may complete one content-related activity for up to two extra credit points on the nine weeks average.